If you’re an asshole in real life you should probably just go die yourself because no one cares.

when tha clock hit 12

how did they get those names?

The official Super Smash Bros character select screen!
29 hr

It’s funny how no one can really know what’s going to happen to them in life. Looking back on my posts since the creation of my tumblr I’m still blown away by everything that’s happened over the years. Furthermore it almost scares me that all of the little things I ended up begging the universe for actually came true. For me my tumblr has become a wonderful story and a testament to the fact that if you keep your head up and maintain the belief that things truly happen for actual reasons that everything will work out.

I love my life, and I hope all of you can say the same about your own. Don’t waste anytime wishing to be someone else, spend it making yourself the best you you can be.

I am so happy for and proud of my booger.

Just talked to one of the actual owners of my girlfriend’s apartment, who literally know’s Scott Brown as just Scott. I love learning about what life was like before I was life.

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